Jujitsu Competition

Posted by Ben | Posted on 13:00

Hey people! I'm back. This time, it's my Jujitsu competition 2011! Now, this competition is all about "having fun", but when I got their I was not having fun. I was nervous. My friends Billy and Jonny were their too, nervous. Thats all that I was. OK, we all sat down and began to do our stuff. I got third three times, (ha ha), and everyone got a medal for coming. Naturally. I had done individual kata and bows and team bows and kata, and self defence. Bows are like long staffs, and katas are a seiries of moves put together. The Jujitsu Grading is coming soon too! On the 18th of December me, Jonny and Billy will all be going for a white belt with a green stripe down the middle. Thats the first green belt. Finally I can show you a picture (as usual), and I will see you NEXT TIME.

Photobucket Two trophies for individual kata and self defence, bronze medal for team bows, gold small medal for coming.

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