My Pinch

Posted by Ben | Posted on 10:25

PhotobucketThis is a pinch. I adopted it from a St. Patrick's day site ( This is the link to the website. Go down to a picture of a green blob holding a clover leaf and click on the picture. Then read the intructions...

It is 'Pinch' because people pinch there classmates on St. Pantrick's day if they are not wearing green.

Posted by Ben | Posted on 13:45

Photobucket check out this story of ROBLOXians having an argument about a brick (the red brick is lava). In the end the mean one gets hit by the lava because he wanted to show the nice one that the brick was harmless. I would like to suggest that you click on the picture because the picture will have a bit cut off.

My win

Posted by Ben | Posted on 12:36

Today, i won my first game of chess! I was so happy and my mum is going to give me five quid (because its pay-day!). Also yesterday I read a new book called "Notso Hotso", it was very good (good means funny).

About four days ago I walked on a horse....first time i actually sat on a horse (!).