Isle of Skye

Posted by Ben | Posted on 11:47

On the 9th of September, me, Katie, Mummy and Daddy left for the Isle of Skye. We had to do three seperate journeys which were about five hours long each (wow). Luckily we had the iPod to keep us amused. Our first campsite was Grizedale, we stayed there for two nights. On the second day we went to the Lake District, and went to Beatrix Potter's house. The next campsite was Luss, which WAS in Scotland. If the Lake District was in Scotland it would be called Loch District. I really liked the Luss campsite because it was by the edge of Loch Lomond; I liked going in the water. We sadly only stayed at Luss for one night. Then finally we got to the Isle of Skye were we got a holiday cottage and stayed there for a week. YIPPEE IT HAD LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF LEGO THERE WOOOOOOO! Sadly I made a really good model on the last day and :( I had to leave it there :(. The best part was seeing my friend almost everyday (he lives on the Isle of Skye).

On the way back we stayed at Luss for :( one night and at Bewick Upon Tweed for :) one night.
I'm happy about stayed at Bewick for one night because it was SO WINDY.

I got home on the 21st of September.

Photobucket Waterfall on the Isle of Skye

PhotobucketView from the beach