Lego Star Wars II

Posted by Ben | Posted on 12:25

Hi again!

I have had this game on my computer for about a year now so I'm a bit late, but here it is: Lego Star Wars II!
Some pictures to start with (why do I always start with pics?!):



PhotobucketIt's a really good game but it is a bit old...2007.

The Sims 3

Posted by Ben | Posted on 12:36

Hi again! I have this AWESOME computer game called the Sims 3. It is MEGA! You get to make your own sims, house, and furnish it. You can make them make friends, and go to work. You can even make them catch a fish and put it in a fishbowl. Ha ha, I'm not going to tell you the cheats though!
Other things you can do:
Go shopping
Go to the park
Learn skills
Move house
Phone friends
Some pics:

Photobucket This is the town park.

Photobucket This is one of my sims on the PC.

PhotobucketThis is MEANT to be a sim dancing but you can't see it very well, because the picture is a bit dark. Sorry! It's the computer's fault!