Magic Tricks

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Today I did a Magic Trick, and it worked! I drew an arrow in the middle of the bottom half of a piece of paper, put a glass infront of it and put some water in it and HEY PRESTO!!!!!!!! the arrow points the other way! Ka-ching! Note: the glass must be straight sided (not squared).

This is the stuff that you need.

Fold the piece of paper in half. It should look like this.

Now put the glass infront of the arrow. It does not turn the arrow the other way round...

...but...pour water into the glass...

...Ka-ching! Look through the glass. You may have to move the glass away a little to be able to see. Look at the picture above!!!!


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Every week I do Archery. It's really cool and I am now at the back on the room. There are three shooting lines: Front, Middle, Back. What I have to do is hold the bow, get the arrow, put the arrow in the bow and...
Yah, it's simple, but there are a few things that the instructors tell you to do.

(P.S. Yay it's nearly Halloween! [Spooky wail])


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Isle of Skye

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On the 9th of September, me, Katie, Mummy and Daddy left for the Isle of Skye. We had to do three seperate journeys which were about five hours long each (wow). Luckily we had the iPod to keep us amused. Our first campsite was Grizedale, we stayed there for two nights. On the second day we went to the Lake District, and went to Beatrix Potter's house. The next campsite was Luss, which WAS in Scotland. If the Lake District was in Scotland it would be called Loch District. I really liked the Luss campsite because it was by the edge of Loch Lomond; I liked going in the water. We sadly only stayed at Luss for one night. Then finally we got to the Isle of Skye were we got a holiday cottage and stayed there for a week. YIPPEE IT HAD LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF LEGO THERE WOOOOOOO! Sadly I made a really good model on the last day and :( I had to leave it there :(. The best part was seeing my friend almost everyday (he lives on the Isle of Skye).

On the way back we stayed at Luss for :( one night and at Bewick Upon Tweed for :) one night.
I'm happy about stayed at Bewick for one night because it was SO WINDY.

I got home on the 21st of September.

Photobucket Waterfall on the Isle of Skye

PhotobucketView from the beach

Chaos Faction

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I REALLY like a online game called Chaos Faction. You have to kill your opponent by punching, kicking, or using power-ups. To control (default controls) press Z for attack 1 (punch) and X for attack 2 (kick). To use a power-up collect a box that appears on the play area. Then either use Z or X to use it. If you do campaign you have to battle an opponent to unlock new characters and weapons. To customise your character, click "Start Game" on the main menu, then select a game mode. The customise character screen will come up after that.




Sid Meier's Railroads!

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My Dad put an AWESOME game on the computer two days ago and I thought I should tell you about it. First, some pics:






This game is super COOL and I think you should get it. Price: $39.99 (wow). Yes, OK, it's loads,
but its worth it.
I'll give you some intructions:
On the main menu, click "Single Player". Then Choose you place, and click "OK" at the bottom right corner. Then wait for it to load. After that, a screen will come up with the starting point. Select "Track" in the bottom left corner and click on one end of the bit of track that is already there. Then move the mouse to where you want the track to go to. When you have done that, click, and the track will be placed. Oh, yeah, and press - and = to change the height of the track piece.


When you get to a village, town, city or metropolis, use the right mouse button and then select "Build Depot". Click near the village, town, etc. to build a depot. Recomendations: a depot for a village, a station for a town, a terminal for a city, and a terminal with a bridge for a metropolis (See "UPGRADES").


To upgade a depot, click on the depot and click the picture that looks like an arrow pointing upwards (in the box that pops up). When you have done that, select what upgrade you want. To make a bridge, select "Double Track" which is under "Track". Then make a double track. Make sure it goes past the depot.


To get a train, click the picture of a train. Then it will come up with a map. This map is the map of the place you are in. If you have more than one depot, you can see where they are on the map. Smaller circles are the industries. in the top right corner, theres a picture of a train. Click "Change" and then use the arrow keys to select. Press "Enter" on the keyboard to select the train you want. Now, to make the train go onto the map, select two or more dots. Then a box pops up and now all you have to do is select what cars you want! Then click "Close" and choose the priority. Done? Click "OK"!

Thats all the info. Hope you like it!

The Butterfly and Wildlife Park

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Yesterday, I went to the The Butterfly and Wildlife Park with my Mum. It was really fun and I had an ice cream. Yum!
Before lunch we saw the flying display. They had an Eagle Owl, a Buzzard, a Black Vulture, and a Harrier Hawk.


Photobucket Bearded Dragons.

Photobucket The Harrier Hawk.


My Birthday

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Yippee! It was my birthday at the end of July! I got loads of pressies and I got lots of Lego. Yay! Also I got a Magnet Set, a blue teddy, £40, another £5 and then ANOTHER £5. In the end I spent all that on a Lego set. Here it is:




It took me 2 hours to build.

Internet games

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These are some of my favourite Internet games: Roblox. Runescape. Incredibots. Incredibots 2.

Try them out today!

Swirls and wirls

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Today I made these AWESOME patterns using a Spirograph. They're really pretty and I made loads. This is one of them:

PhotobucketAlso I made this one:

PhotobucketAnd this one:

PhotobucketLast one:

PhotobucketI made one more but I couldn't be bothered to put it on as it takes so long to resize and everything.

Here is the link to the game:

world explorer

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Here is the link to a cool game. You need to sign up.

Den and Bow and Arrow

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I made a Den at the beginning of the week. I made it by cutting long sticks and placing them in the ground. I put an empty bedding over the sticks so the wind didn't come in.

PhotobucketThis is my den. Katie made one too.

PhotobucketThis is Katie's one.

I am also getting really good at Archery. I'm not even doing lessons. I can shoot an arrow about three or four metres.

Internet disaster

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OH NOES!!!!!!!!!

The internet was NOT WORKING yesterday so i had a WHOLE day without ROBLOX! Oh no. So as you can guess I was VERY bored and had to play Micro Machines V4 on my computer. Also my sister told me to play a horse game WHICH I HATE called My horse and me. Then I installed Speedy Eggbert 2 onto the PC and Lego racers 2 too. HELP!
Luckily it was working the next day.

This all happened because of a POWER CUT.


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Here is a cool link to a game where you can make your own snowflake.

Ice boat

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Yesterday, I made a boat out of newspaper. Of course the newspaper was wet, otherwise it wouldn't freeze. So, we used a cardboard box and cut it into the shape we wanted. Then, we plastered it with wet newspaper (about four layers). We stuck it in the freezer for 24 hours and then, TA -DA! We had an ice boat.

Photobucket This is the box we used.

Photobucket We cut it into the shape we needed.

Photobucket Then stuck it together.

Photobucket This picture shows the newspaper soking in the bowl of water.

Photobucket This is me smoothing the newspaper onto the boat frame (after plastering).

Photobucket The boat is now in the freezer.

PhotobucketIt floats! It stayed afloat for an hour and ten minutes.

I got this idea from a program called Mythbusters.

Horrible Histories at the Key Theatre

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Two days ago I went to the Key Theatre to see Horrible Histories Woeful Second World War. I liked the Theater seats because they are comfy and the ice creams were very yummy. After the break they gave me 3D glasses that made everything look really realistic. At the start, there was a plane going overhead and I thought it was really there! The show was brilliant.

Laser force #2

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On the 7th of May I went to Laser force for my Mummy's birthday. We had a great time and I got 5732 score I think.

If you've never gone to Laser force then this is what its like: Dark. Lots of lights. The suit is heavy, but light enough for me. the gun SO ROCKS and if you have £1 you can buy a wallet for your card and you get a map of the place too.


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I did my first tennis lesson on the 21st of April. I am looking forward to going again next week. I did very well and I was very happy with myself.

My Easter

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On the 12th of April, I got two chocolate eggs, a slab of chocolate, a tool box of chocolate tools, and both of the eggs came with chocolate bars, too!



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Roblox is a online multi-player game. You have to join OR you can play as a guest, (which I would not recommend). The good thing about joining is that you can chat, play games, make your own games, and change your character. If you get Builders club, you get even more. You get to make your own shirts, T-shirts, and trousers, (pants). You have to pay $5.95 per month, or there are other options for Builders Club.

Photobucket What the heck...?

Photobucket Rocket launchers!


There are over 200 weapons on Roblox. Most of which are inside givers. (Givers are bars that give you weapons, tools and stuff like that). In Roblox the only thing most Robloxians like doing is...DESTROYING THINGS!! That is why there's weapons in this game. Also you have Brick battles: places that you fight each other, and also destroy. How fun is that?! This game is FREE unless you get Builders club. Use your tix and robux (which is your player's money) to buy things like, shirts, T-shirts, trousers, hats, and more!

Free Games at ROBLOX. Check out what I have been building lately!

My Pinch

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PhotobucketThis is a pinch. I adopted it from a St. Patrick's day site ( This is the link to the website. Go down to a picture of a green blob holding a clover leaf and click on the picture. Then read the intructions...

It is 'Pinch' because people pinch there classmates on St. Pantrick's day if they are not wearing green.

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Photobucket check out this story of ROBLOXians having an argument about a brick (the red brick is lava). In the end the mean one gets hit by the lava because he wanted to show the nice one that the brick was harmless. I would like to suggest that you click on the picture because the picture will have a bit cut off.

My win

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Today, i won my first game of chess! I was so happy and my mum is going to give me five quid (because its pay-day!). Also yesterday I read a new book called "Notso Hotso", it was very good (good means funny).

About four days ago I walked on a horse....first time i actually sat on a horse (!).

Paper planes

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Yesterday, I went to a group setion at Kings Lynn. When we arrived there, there were already people there, and also near the end, nearly everyone was doing our planes! It was very fun, and we had a few races too. I made about 10 or 20 planes and I didn't win any of the races.


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Photobucket Yesterday, we got lots of snow. We had a big snowball fight and I hit mummy loads of times! I hope everyone that is reading this got some snow too.

PhotobucketThis is a picture of field near our house and it look so nice.


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Today, my mum took a picture of me and I changed it on adobe photo shop. I looked very ugly.
PhotobucketSee what I mean?


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Yesturday, I went to London. We saw China Town and we saw a lion dance. We went to a restaurant and had something to eat. We also bought some snaps*and we saw LOTS of red lantterns.

*snaps are things that you step on or throw on the ground to make a snapping sound.
Photobucket This is the lion dance.

PhotobucketThese are the red lantterns.

Lego mag

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This is my new lego magazine. I got it today and it has all sorts of stuff to do with lego: lego Bionicle, lego Technic, lego Power Miners (new), lego city, Indiana Jones, cool creations (they are things that people have made with lego), lego Pirates, Star Wars, lego Racers, and finaly, news about LEGOLAND (not the game)!