Internet games

Posted by Ben | Posted on 14:18

These are some of my favourite Internet games: Roblox. Runescape. Incredibots. Incredibots 2.

Try them out today!

Swirls and wirls

Posted by Ben | Posted on 12:38


Today I made these AWESOME patterns using a Spirograph. They're really pretty and I made loads. This is one of them:

PhotobucketAlso I made this one:

PhotobucketAnd this one:

PhotobucketLast one:

PhotobucketI made one more but I couldn't be bothered to put it on as it takes so long to resize and everything.

Here is the link to the game:

world explorer

Posted by Ben | Posted on 13:00

Here is the link to a cool game. You need to sign up.

Den and Bow and Arrow

Posted by Ben | Posted on 12:36

I made a Den at the beginning of the week. I made it by cutting long sticks and placing them in the ground. I put an empty bedding over the sticks so the wind didn't come in.

PhotobucketThis is my den. Katie made one too.

PhotobucketThis is Katie's one.

I am also getting really good at Archery. I'm not even doing lessons. I can shoot an arrow about three or four metres.