Paper planes

Posted by Ben | Posted on 18:05

Yesterday, I went to a group setion at Kings Lynn. When we arrived there, there were already people there, and also near the end, nearly everyone was doing our planes! It was very fun, and we had a few races too. I made about 10 or 20 planes and I didn't win any of the races.


Posted by Ben | Posted on 13:23

Photobucket Yesterday, we got lots of snow. We had a big snowball fight and I hit mummy loads of times! I hope everyone that is reading this got some snow too.

PhotobucketThis is a picture of field near our house and it look so nice.


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Today, my mum took a picture of me and I changed it on adobe photo shop. I looked very ugly.
PhotobucketSee what I mean?


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Yesturday, I went to London. We saw China Town and we saw a lion dance. We went to a restaurant and had something to eat. We also bought some snaps*and we saw LOTS of red lantterns.

*snaps are things that you step on or throw on the ground to make a snapping sound.
Photobucket This is the lion dance.

PhotobucketThese are the red lantterns.