A Hero's Castle

Posted by Ben | Posted on 15:38

Today I finally finished building my big project on Terraria.  It is called A Hero's Castle.

It includes a village around the castle, with all the different NPCs.
Screenshots are as followed:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


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Welcome to another game review!

This time we are looking at the amazing 2D game, Terraria!

Now, alot of people compare this game to Minecraft, which I reviewed some time ago, and I'm not surprised at why they do.  This game is exactly like Minecraft but in 2D, and with a lot more things in it, and when I say alot, I mean ALOT.

Just like in Minecraft, you start a new world and a new character, but the system is slightly different.  On Terraria, you create a character to play as throughout ALL the worlds you make.  OS you can make several worlds, and one character, and you can go to all those different worlds, but keep your things.

Right, to the game! 
Terraria is a survival/adventure game with a kind of retro feel.  Unlike Minecraft, it has bosses, which your fight as your character gets stronger, but its not like an RPG.  On your first night, you must build a shelter from zombies, slimes, and other demons that come out to kill you.  Just like Minecraft, I hear you say!

I'm finally going to get to the pictures.

Thats all for today!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

The Angel fish

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Hello again everyone!

Today I began work on a new drawing in art and decided to sketch an Angel fish.  I have never seen one in real life but i think they are pretty amazing-looking, so I got to work.
I found a book that had instructions on how to draw one, luckily we have an art book of animals! Photobucket
Not the best drawing I have ever done, (that title still lies with Waddle the penguin) but I think its quite good myself.

Thats all for today.

Thanks for reading!


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Hi people! You know what time it is - yep, game review time!

Minecraft is a basic survival game where you collect resourses to survive, stone, wood, etc. etc. Over time as you get more and more stuff, you can use them to craft other items such as pickaxes for mining, fences, doors, things llike that. Now I'm just going to give a quick first-night tutorial because at night monsters come out and try to kill you. So first when you first create a new world the game will dump you in the desert or a coastline or forest, and the first thing you want to worry about is time. Look at the sun. Then you need to find some wood, so find a tree and point your crosshair at the trunk, and hold down left mouse button. Your hand will lash out and punch the tree with a left hook, upper cut, jab, whatever. when it breaks a small block of wood will pop out. Pick it up by walking on it. It will go into your toolber at the bottom of the screen. Now you want about 10-12 blocks of trunk. When you have done that, press E on your keyboard to bring up your inventory. In the top right corner of the box is your crafting area. Put all of the tree trunk in a space and some wooden planks should appear in the result square. Take them all. Then put a wooden plank in all the crafting spaces to craft a workbench. That's really all you need to know, but I'll give you a crafting hint: making the shape of what you want to craft works. Then you need a shelter for the night, and some coal, but I'll leave that to you. Enjoy!

Photobucket A zombie! Ah!

Photobucket Crafting a torch.

PhotobucketCooking dinner. Porkchops!

Jujitsu Competition

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Hey people! I'm back. This time, it's my Jujitsu competition 2011! Now, this competition is all about "having fun", but when I got their I was not having fun. I was nervous. My friends Billy and Jonny were their too, nervous. Thats all that I was. OK, we all sat down and began to do our stuff. I got third three times, (ha ha), and everyone got a medal for coming. Naturally. I had done individual kata and bows and team bows and kata, and self defence. Bows are like long staffs, and katas are a seiries of moves put together. The Jujitsu Grading is coming soon too! On the 18th of December me, Jonny and Billy will all be going for a white belt with a green stripe down the middle. Thats the first green belt. Finally I can show you a picture (as usual), and I will see you NEXT TIME.

Photobucket Two trophies for individual kata and self defence, bronze medal for team bows, gold small medal for coming.

Muckleborough Collection

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I think guns are awesome. If you do too, then go to the Muckleborough Collection. WWI and II tanks! Guns! Model maps! What more could you want? The first room had this really big model army camp from WWII, with planes on strings and all,and then there was a larger room full of knives, ranks, and guns. Also some model ships. Then it got really good when we reached the tanks. British, American, Soviet and German tanks, transport vehicles, and WWII ambulances. There was also some very very big Field Guns and Artillery. Anti-Air guns, and a WWII blitz spotlight. My favourite part was OBVIOUSLY the tanks and the gift shop. Ha ha. I bought a bullet on a chain, AND I CAN'T BELIEVE I DIDN'T GET A SINGLE ICE CREAM! I still enjoyed it though! I still think that they should have put some modern guns and rifles in there too. That would be good. Also there was this really big long room stuffed full of model ships. There was this really big oil rig model with helis and people and everything. Also a giant air-craft carrier and a ship called the HMS Furious. It sure looked furious...FACTOID...Ever wondered what HMS stands for? It means "Her Majesty's Ship". Pictures:

Photobucket Model planes!

Photobucket Very big gun.

Photobucket Blitz Spotlight

Just Cause 2

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Here comes another game review! In Just Cause 2, you are Rico Rodriguez, and you can do anything you want! Blow up, hijack, fly, drive, basejump, grapple, and swim in this game. I like hijacking aeroliners, but it's up to YOU what you do. (It's open-world.) I got a PS3 early this year. The game is really my dad's, we got it for him for his bday, but I play it just as much. Here is some pictures:



Photobucket Helicopters, cars, boats, jets, bikes, tanks and more. Mods (computer only) and add-ons (computer and console). The aim of the game is to cause CHAOS (blow stuff up) to unlock agency missions, which progress the story, faction missions, stronghold takeovers, and black market items. When you complete the game you go into Mercendary mode. In this mode you have to get 100.00% completion. HAVE FUN!