Just Cause 2

Posted by Ben | Posted on 11:42

Here comes another game review! In Just Cause 2, you are Rico Rodriguez, and you can do anything you want! Blow up, hijack, fly, drive, basejump, grapple, and swim in this game. I like hijacking aeroliners, but it's up to YOU what you do. (It's open-world.) I got a PS3 early this year. The game is really my dad's, we got it for him for his bday, but I play it just as much. Here is some pictures:



Photobucket Helicopters, cars, boats, jets, bikes, tanks and more. Mods (computer only) and add-ons (computer and console). The aim of the game is to cause CHAOS (blow stuff up) to unlock agency missions, which progress the story, faction missions, stronghold takeovers, and black market items. When you complete the game you go into Mercendary mode. In this mode you have to get 100.00% completion. HAVE FUN!

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